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Voluntary Action Leeds is now officially a Women Friendly Recruiter!

VALYOU and Voluntary Action Leeds are pleased to announce that we are now officially a Women Friendly Recruiter as part of Women Friendly Leeds!

The number of women in the work force is at the lowest level it has been in 30 years as a result of Covid-19 and women continue to be disproportionately affected by layoffs in a variety of industries. It is therefore as important as ever to ensure that recruitment practices make women feel encouraged and welcome and that our workplaces are flexible places for women to work.

As a result we have pledged to uphold the Women Friendly Recruiter Checklist...

We asked women working here at VAL what working for a Women Friendly Recruiter meant to them:

"I'm very proud to work for an organisation that has been recognised as a 'women friendly recruiter'. Personally, I came to Voluntary Action Leeds with a three-year gap in my employment record due to having time off work to have and raise two children (the hardest job of all). It's great that these 'gaps' are not frowned upon, but rather my life experiences are celebrated and embraced in the workplace, with my transferrable skills recognised and built upon."

"I feel supported in the workplace as a woman, knowing VAL is supportive of my family and life commitments through flexible and agile working policies and even introducing a new menopause policy"

According to a BBC poll, 65% of managers felt that being able to work from home helped advance women's careers. Being able to offer that flexibility is crucial to enable people to balance their career with other responsibilities.

We're really excited going forward to keep promoting a healthy work-life balance and job satisfaction as well as continuing to adopt women-friendly policies and benefits.

If you want to find out more about Women Friendly Leeds and become a Women Friendly Recruiter visit Recruiter - Women Friendly Leeds to make the pledge!

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