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Update to our Covid-19 procedures

At step 4 of the Government's roadmap to tackle Coronavirus in the UK, it was outlined that most legal restrictions in England would be lifted.

Here at VAL, the safety of our staff and visitors is still our top priority and we are working hard to ensure a Covid-19 safe space.

We are keen to continue to manage risks where we can, and have have taken the decision to keep some measures in place to reduce the risk of spreading Coronavirus.

  • Mask wearing- we kindly ask that all staff and visitors wear a mask whilst moving around the building. These can be removed whilst seating and eating and drinking.

  • Social distancing in common areas- please keep at least 2 metres away from others in all shared areas and respect others space whilst moving around the building.

  • Social distancing in meeting rooms- for anyone hiring a meeting room, it will be at their discretion whether to abide by social distancing within the room itself, however we ask that social distance is maintained when using other parts of the building, including the kitchen and central atrium.

  • Increased cleaning- we have an increased cleaning regime and cleaning products are available in all rooms to allow others to regularly clean surfaces themselves.

  • Venue check-in- we advise visitors and staff to use the NHS app to check in.

  • Hand washing and sanitising- hand sanitiser and washing stations are available throughout the building.

  • Ventilation- windows and doors will be opened to allow for increased ventilation and provide fresh air to all rooms.

And of course, if unwell, stay home and get well soon.

We ask that everyone is considerate to others and respect people's personal choices. Let's work together to stay safe and reduce the risk of spreading Covid--19.

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