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Sustainability at Stringer House

As World Leaders, young activists and climate advocates gather in Glasgow to discuss the escalating climate emergency at COP 26, the eyes of the world are on issues we are all currently facing and how we can work together to play our part to tackle climate change.

Here at Stringer House, we are actively working to reduce carbon emissions, reduce consumption, reduce climate change and the impact on the environment.

We are extremely keen that our staff and visitors are able to travel to Stringer House by cycle, or running and walking. As well as reducing air pollution and traffic congestion in the city, we are also keen to promote healthy lifestyle choices and the mental health benefits associated with this. We have recently installed a cycle shelter and shower room, and plan to build a ‘drying room’ later in 2021.

Recycling waste bins are located in every office and meeting room, and in the kitchen we also have a recycling bin alongside a compost bin. Our self-serve kitchen has ‘real’ mugs, plates and cutlery, there’s no single use plastic here!

We can also cater for our vegan guests, and strive to use local, sustainable caterers as often as we can.

At the very heart of the values of Voluntary Action Leeds is the aim to create a fairer, healthier, cleaner Leeds and we are working hard to explore new ideas and new ways to encourage a ‘greener’, carbon friendly VAL.

For ideas on how communities and individuals in Leeds can work together to become more sustainable and carbon neutral city, take a look and get involved with the Climate Action Leeds movement

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