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New Blended Meeting Technology Installed

So we've probably all heard people say that 'hybrid meeting are the future' and participants are increasingly asking for a range of options on how to join your meetings, but how do you actually host a blended meeting?

To support organisations looking to use hybrid technology, VAL YOU have recently installed new audio visual equipment in our meeting rooms at Stinger House.

The new technology allows meetings to easily take place both online and face-to face, with some people able to participate in the same room and others joining via Zoom.

This new approach to meetings provides an accessible, Covid-secure solution to those thinking about hosting meetings in the future, giving participants the choice of joining online or attending in person.

The large meeting room, Hunlset, has a new large 75" TV and an integrated soundbar with a built in camera and microphone. A smaller, portable unit is also available to use in other rooms.

If you would like to discuss the technology or book a room and try for yourself, contact the team on or call 0113 2977920

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