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Associate FAQ

What is an Associate?

A VAL Associate is a trusted individual with a wealth of experience. This highly skilled group of people is available to support your organisation and project for any specified length of time, allowing you to ‘buy in’ the expertise you require, whenever you require it.

Why would I need an Associate?

It could be you have just received funding for a new project and don’t yet have the staff in place to take the project forward; an Associate could help launch it with a bang!

At the end of a funded project you may encounter staff leaving before completion; an Associate could help bridge that gap!

If you need specific skills or experience that you just don’t have in your organisation; an Associate could help lead and develop your plans!

There’s a whole host of ways an Associate could be vital for your organisation!

Why choose VAL’s Associate Programme?

By choosing Voluntary Action Leeds you are choosing an established third sector organisation. We only work with trusted individuals.

Every Associate is not only recommended by us, but also has access to the additional experience and skills within our organisation, ensuring the highest possible standard of work.

Remember, all profits we make from any of our services goes directly back to our charity Voluntary Action Leeds and it’s work supporting the third sector.

Will it be expensive?

We are a third sector organisation working for other charitable and voluntary groups. Our aim is to support your organisation and ensure the success of your project. Get in touch and we can discuss your needs and how we can help.

How do I find out more?

Get in touch to discuss your requirements with one of our team. or call 0113 2977920

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