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Covid Safety Precautions at Stringer House

As the Government sets out it's latest plan for tackling Coronavirus, here at Stringer House, the safety of staff and visitors is always our top priority.

We will continue to ask those who are able to wear a mask, to do so, whilst moving around the building, and continue to take extra steps to keep each other safe in the office.

Here's a reminder of our current Covid-19 precautions:

  • Mask wearing- we kindly ask that all staff and visitors wear a mask whilst moving around the building. These can be removed whilst seating and eating and drinking.

  • Social distancing in common areas- please keep at least 2 metres away from others in all shared areas and respect others space whilst moving around the building.

  • Social distancing in meeting rooms- for anyone hiring a meeting room, it will be at their discretion whether to abide by social distancing within the room itself, however we ask that social distance is maintained when using other parts of the building, including the kitchen and central atrium.

  • Increased cleaning- we have an increased cleaning regime and cleaning products are available in all rooms to allow others to regularly clean surfaces themselves.

  • Hand washing and sanitising- hand sanitiser and washing stations are available throughout the building.

  • Ventilation- windows and doors can be opened to allow for increased ventilation and provide fresh air to all rooms.

And of course, if unwell, stay home, get a test and get well soon.

If you have any concerns about our safety measures, or would like to discuss these in more details, please call the team on 0113 2977920.

As always we ask that everyone is considerate to others and respect people's personal choices and Government guidance.

Let's work together to stay safe and reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19.

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Jan 11, 2023

A short comment that may not be relevant to the current users but perhaps for History buffs: My Grandfather Sydney Parker and his wife Harriet Parker, were both Directors of the wire drawing firm Overend & Co., known as Overends. My name is Kevin Francis Sowden and I was born in 1945. I recall visiting them and staying there as a small child and being given a thimble of tea to drink whilst sat upon my Grandfather's knee. My mother Edith Margaret Parker (married name Sowden), was their eldest daughter and her two sisters were called Florence (married name Cassidy) and Joan (married name Buchanan). Aunty Florence moved away as her Husband worked for BP and she had two sons,…

Jan 12, 2023
Replying to

Hi Kevin,

Thanks so much for your comment, we've got a few history fans on the staff here and we've really enjoyed your story. I've sent you an email to see if you'd like to come visit or tell us more about your memories of the building so please feel free to get in touch

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